LSSE2018 Invited Speakers

Special Session

  • Hiroki Takesue
    NTT Corporation
    [Keynote Speech] Title: A coherent Ising machine for solving combinatorial optimization problems

LSSE-IoT Joint Session

  • Nobuyoshi Yabuki
    Osaka University
    Title: Toward highly advanced civil infrastructure by utilizing 3D laser measurement and IoT

  • Hitoshi Kiuchi
    National Astronomical Observatory Japan
    Title: Application of microwave-photonics technologies to high-frequency Radio Astronomy

  • Kaori Fukunaga
    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
    Title: Nondestructive testing of aging phenomena by using electromagnetic waves

  • Yuki Sato
    Japan Atomic Energy Agency
    Title: Visualization of radioactive substances by integrating radiation measurement and 3D optical measurement inside the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

  • Hidenobu Sumioka
    Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
    Social touch in human-human telecommunication mediated by a robot

Social Infrastructure

  • Masaharu Nishikino
    National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
    Title: Development of the high speed inspection system for defects
    inside tunnel concrete using high power laser technology

  • Takahiro Hayashi
    Kyoto University
    Title: Imaging diagnostics of plate-like structures by remote measurement of elastic waves with lasers

  • Keisuke Shigemori
    Osaka University
    Title: Laser Peening Study with Large Scale High Power Laser

  • Takeharu Murakami
    Title: High speed and high resolution laser measurement for infrastructure

  • Yoshie Otake
    Title: Non-destructive inspection with compact neutron source

Energy Production

  • Tatsuya Kodama
    Niigata University
    Title: Thermochemical Hydrogen Production Using A Concentrating Solar System

  • Odtsetseg Myagmarjav
    Japan Atomic Energy Agency
    Title: R&D status of heat utilization technologies for high-temperature gas-cooled reactor and solar energy

  • Kohji Nagashima
    Kyoto University
    Title: Corrosion resistance of aluminum coated stainless steel in carbonate molten salts

  • Yoshiki Okuhara
    Japan Fine Ceramics Center
    Title: Solar-thermal energy conversion using solar selective absorbers based on semiconducting beta-FeSi2
    based on semiconducting beta-FeSi2

Remote Sensing

  • Takuya D. Kawahara
    Shinshu University
    Title: Lidar project for thermospheric sodium observations at EISCAT radar site in Norway

  • Tomoko Takahashi
    The University of Tokyo
    Title: Development of in-situ LIBS and laser Raman spectroscopic analyzers for deep-sea exploration

Adaptive Optics

  • Yutaka Hayano
    National Astronomical Observatory Japan
    Title: Adaptive optics applications from cells to the universe

  • Alexis Kudryashov
    Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
    Title: Adaptive Optics for high power laser beam correction in the atmosphere

  • Toshikazu Ebisuzaki
    Title: Adaptive Optics System for cm-sized Debris Removal


  • Sakae Shibusawa
    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
    [Keynote Speech] Title: Context Changes with Advanced Precision Agriculture
    and Agro-medical Foods in Japan

  • Naoshi Kondo
    Kyoto University
    [Keynote Speech] Title: Agri-photonics and Agri-robotics
    for Food Production toward Global Population 9 Billion time

  • Suming Chen
    National Taiwan University
    Title: Applications of Agri-Photonics for Quality Assurance of Phalaenopsis

  • Yuichi Ogawa
    Kyoto University
    Title: Cell detection using dielectric properties of intracellular water in sub-THz region

  • Taro Fukuyama
    Title: Application of Optical Technology for Smart Agriculture